To adopt a profession as an Academic Research Scientist in Asia is not an easy choice. In today's world, the 'Early Career Researchers' – who are responsible for shaping the future of scientific discovery – face numerous challenges which includes, both, the ones which are similar to and different than those faced by their predecessors. Not only are they the newest modern wave of 'Emerging Researchers' but are also the largest.

This is the main motive behind the launch of our brand-new initiative, "Emerging Scientist 2019". We want to outset this venture by concentrating precisely on this next generation of scientists.

Emerging Scientist 2019 is the first of its kind in this series. Through ES 2019, we aim to provide opportunities to the Early Career Research Scientists (defined as Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Researchers or Junior Faculty within 10 years of being awarded with their PhD) to share their brilliant Research Work together with highlighting the challenges faced by the existing generation of forthcoming leaders, with a special reference to Pakistan.

The participants of Emerging Scientists will also have a chance to meet and network with the matured, well-known and proficient Scientists and key note Speakers, who will be invited to share their knowledges and success stories with the beginners in the research field. Not only will they learn from their area of expertise but will also enhance the value of their research by making amends accordingly. .